Highest residential security, surpassing the most stringent American and European standards, and including an extensive array of the most advanced anti-terrorism and anti-intrusion systems.

Our Corporate Policy

Currently, Al Rayyan Village's promotion policy focuses primarily on corporate clients requiring multiple villas for extended lease terms of minimum 3 years or more.

Al Rayyan Village

Welcome to the 5 star residential compound in the centre of Doha, your search is finally over...

Energy Efficient

In the villas, energy efficiency has been enhanced by adopting double walls separated by thermal insulation and through double glazing. Additionally, heat reduction films have been applied to all the windows.



We pride ourselves in helping expat families find a house that perfectly fits their needs. Our Facility Management team and their highly qualified technicians make sure that your stay at ARV is trouble free with a 24/7  five star service. Come to Al Rayyan Village today to find your perfect home.

Ziad Selfani

Marketing Director

Prime Lands Real Estate Development L.L.C.

We currently have LIMITED vacancy, but please do email us so that we can follow up with you !

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We try our best to make your house a Home.

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